Greetings, Faerie Hearts & Gypsy Souls!

Selena Parsley, Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master / Instructor, Certified Crystal & Magickal Aromatherapist, Certified Angelic Healing Practitioner & Faery Shaman
I believe in creating delightful metamorphosis. If you do not favor how events are unfolding in your life, YOU have the POWER to make profound & favorable life changes. You can create a life filled with true love, breathtaking beauty & adventure, or whatever you desire. All you need is belief in yourself, fierce willpower & unwavering SELF LOVE. And if you wish to have an extra faerie force as an ally to assist you along your path to creating these changes, I am here. I love encouraging like-minds to create YOUR own beautiful magic, to be bold in who YOU are, and to bravely share YOUR unique gifts & abilities with the world! I believe when we align with our TRUE, authentik & higher selves, we can allow healing into our lives & we can live to our SUPERFLY highest potential. It is NOW thyme to be on FULL FORCE metamorphosis mode and create YOUR OWN magical, remarkable beauty mark on this world! My offerings are video recorded for your private use. Please read about & explore my unique apothik-faerie craft & what I am over the Moon to offer you! If you have any questions or would like to book a private session with me, you can direct message me using the contact form below. I am looking forward to working with you!

~Enchanted Oracle Card Reading~



Enchanted Oracle Reading

This is a 3 card oracle reading for one specific question. FIRST CARD (1) What Divine Source wants you to know RIGHT NOW in your life – this can be any question concerning, love, work / career, friendships, etc. SECOND CARD (2) The clarifying card – this is pulled for more details and clarity concerning the first card. THIRD CARD (3) What will be unfolding in your near future.I create a soothing atmosphere & set the intention to connect to your energy. I channel any information I intuitively feel coming from your cards, your energy & Divine Source. Please give me a few details about your life & current situation. Please make your question as specific as possible. I look forward to helping you on your path. I will send you a private link to your video so you can refer back to your reading as many thymes as you like.



~Faeriecraft Crystal Reiki~



Faeriecraft Crystal Reiki

I began my path of doing energy work before I even knew it was a thing. As a licensed Massage Therapist, I thoroughly enjoyed creating a soothing atmosphere for my clients. When I sensed that a client needed extra protection or encouragement, I would massage angel wing symbols on their back. When I sensed that they needed to feel centered and clear, I would use massage motions that symbolized tree roots, and flourishing leaves. I decided to look more into energy work and discovered Reiki. I became a student to learn the techniques and soon became a Reiki Teacher / Master. I invite Divine Source & YOUR GUIDES to help create a high vibration setting for what best suits your specific needs & intentions for your reiki session. Your session is done at a distance – telepathically. It will be video recorded so you can see, feel & hear everything that is happening. You can refer back to it as many thymes as you need. I use crystals, oils & candles. I will channel universal life force energy & delightful & intuitive light work energy into your chakras. I will communicate any information I receive from Divine Source. I will also pull ONE oracle card at the end of your session for further insight on your path. What is your objective? What do you want to transmute and heal? What needs to clear? What is your main focus and intention for your alchemy reiki session? Please give me the details surrounding your situation. I am looking forward to hearing from you and being a light-hearted conduit -channeling reiki energy on your behalf.


divider1122~Uplifting Spellwork~



Uplifting Spellwork

What do you want to shift in your life? What do you want to bring in? What do you want to eliminate? What do you want to attract more of? Love? Money? New job? Healthy friendships? More confidence – Self-love? Adventure? My favourite spells to craft are the ones to attract love, luck, beauty, abundance, travel & adventure. I try to stay focused on the lighter & fun-loving aspects of life. I will only work uplifting spells to manifest positive, high vibration changes. I use candles, herbs, oils, charms, written enchantments. I work with the phases of the Moon to help bring out the best manifestations. I will also pull one oracle card for you, and channel any information that Divine Source has for you. All of my magickal services are video recorded privately so you can refer back to it as many thymes as you wish. What would you like to change & manifest in your life? Please give me a few details about your current situation. What is your biggest wish? What do you fear? What would you like to change and transform for your highest good? I am looking forward to working intuitive gypsy faerie alchemy with you!



~Psychic Protection /Energy Vampire Slayer~



Psychic Protection / Energy Vampire Slayer

This session is for anyone who needs help with psychic self-defense. Energy vampires are often unaware that they are taking energy & creating unnecessary drama & chaos. My past experiences with energy vampires have created distractions, confusion, and have pulled me away from my soul mission. They are usually unaware of what they are doing. They are deeply wounded individuals who are unintentionally being used as conduits of harmful energies. They are usually drawn to lightworkers, or people who have a very high vibration & spiritual gifts that could impact many lives. Spiritual counterfeits & sabotage is something that needs to be addressed and worked through. The universe is making it clear to me that I need to offer the Psychic Protection Energy Vampire Slayer as a service. I will use crystals, oils, herbs, energywork and a guided meditation to help you visualize your protection - not to be thrown off track, and to stand in your power to live your full potential. This session will be video recorded with a private link. Please give me all the details of your situation so I can create alchemy energywork and a guided mediation personally for you.



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